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UPDATE 4/7/2024
I went to visit the injured eagle that OWL and I tried to rescue 2 times ..
And today I couldn’t find the eagle, and then these 3 eagles came and circled overhead… I got the feeling that something had been resolved, and they were there, but I mostly felt sad.
On the way back to my van I talked to a couple ladies on the beach and they said the Fire Dept had come and taken the injured eagle.
So I will talk to OWL tomorrow, but as I explained before, the type of break in the wing cannot be healed.
So we hope for the best !and the female eagles suffering is over, and we’ll wait to hear about her future.
UPDATE 4/6/2024
Eagle rescue Day 3
Today the eagle was waiting for me, and here is the pic I took from about 70 yards w a 600mm lens.
If I got closer the eagle would head up the bank like day 1 and we couldn’t get to it.. so we have to time when it goes to the sandbar at low tide to scavenge for food.
I try to make its capture as painless as possible, so forcing it to scurry up the steep bank is not good.
I will try again tomorrow to try and time my arrival better so as to not stress this eagle out more then we have to.🙏🏼🦅💚
Today 4/4/2024 we got a call of an eagle with an injured wing. We went to Maple Beach and found the eagle, but it managed to scale the bluff where we couldn’t get to it.
We have to wait for it to come down, so if you see an eagle on the beach south of the sea wall, call OWL or Eagleskyenet immediately and we will attempt to rescue it again
OWL 604-946-4171
Eagle SkyeNet 425-931-8100 cell
Thank you
Jeff & Kimberly


 Eagle Skyenet, non-profit 501(c)3

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May 2nd, 2022 we rescued this male eagle that I named Odysseus…. For I knew that his chance of recovery was slim, and if he was going to make it, it would be a long journey shrouded in dark days.

The H5N1 virus is such a deadly strain that most eagles in 35 states have died within 24 hours of being rescued.

Every day I send my positive thoughts to Odysseus, as he now has survived for 2 weeks. Over 12,000 people have been following this story and many have been sending their positive thoughts and prayers

What a fighter this eagles is, as he’s beating the odds against him.



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